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Our company provides “Bund Maker" which consists of mild steel angle iron frame; hitch system, and two discs. It is used for making irrigation banks of up to 500 - 600 mm height and 600 - 800 mm width for effective control of flood irrigation or bunds of the size and shape to match crop and soil conditions. It makes bunds for efficient use of irrigation water. The Discs are adjustable along the frame to vary bund width and height. Even the Disc angle is adjustable.
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Application : It is used for preparation of Bund or Ridge
Model / Type Available : Also Available in Harrow Disc Type
Propelled by : Tractor
Technical Specifications :
L Type frame of 65 x 8 MM angle 3 Point Linkage
The 10mm single plate duly reinforced High Tensile Bolts & Nuts Used
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